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David Drake is a prolific songwriter who crafts imagistic poetry and classic melodies to his hypnotic, laid back, breed of rock and roll.  David originally hails from Detroit, Michigan where his father was a classic rock DJ.  He was introduced to so many of the greats at a young age. A certain style sunk into his soul as he fell in love with bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, and Radiohead. After high school David moved to Los Angeles where his life as a performing musician began. Over the last decade, he has made an impact in the music scene with multiple musical projects. He was the primary songwriter, founder, and a performer in the underground alt rock bands Hallows and SanguinDrake. The latter enabled him to tour the West Coast under direction of APA talent agency and play almost every live venue in LA.  David is now focused on his solo music. Songwriting with intent has always been his biggest love and passion.  He approaches every song as if it were a painting.  Poetic imagery and lyrical landscapes are designed to take the listener on a journey into the imagination.  His debut solo album ‘Imaginary Movies’ is set to be released digitally January 29th, 2021 with Vinyl copies expected later in the year.  David also owns his own studio and production house where he records and produces his own material, as well as other artists’. 

Snagglehouse Studios
All photography on this site by: Adam Petrishin
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